Product evaluation TopSpa XS and barrel sauna

Ever since we moved into our house, we have been thinking about getting some kind of outdoor sauna.

With Covid and all its restrictions, we decided to make a difference because the need has become greater as we have not been able to visit the swimming pool and so on. In addition to the sauna, we thought it would be nice to have something to bathe in as well.

Since SpaDealers is close to where we live, we decided to pay a visit there after we looked around a bit online and looked at different models.

Ole Sten presented various products and SpaDealer's production facilities. SpaDealers has nice production facilities in Korsnäs, the products also gave a nice impression and looked to be of good quality.

We decided to order an electrically heated TopSpa XS and a sauna barrel from SpaDealers.

The products were delivered as agreed, we got the hot tub first which we mounted on a gravel bed that we prepared. Everything went well with the assembly, mostly work with the foundation and electrical work.

The barrel sauna came a few weeks later, we were a little doubtful if we should dare to try to assemble it ourselves or get help from a professional. We decided to try it ourselves because it arrived for a weekend and the weather was reasonably favorable despite the late fall season.

It is a lot of work to assemble the sauna barrel, but there are good instructions on how to assemble it. It took approx. two days for me and my wife to assemble it. Everything went as it should and the sauna turned out exactly as we expected.

We have now had time to test drive the products and we are very happy with both the sauna and the SPA bath. Topspa XS in particular has surprised me positively in that it is so easy to use. It is always ready when you feel like taking a bath. So in retrospect, I would not dream of getting one to be filled and heated separately. It feels like we made a good choice.

We will continue to make a terrace around the hot tub and sauna next summer.


Petter 24.10.2021