For about a year we considered buying a whirlpool, we had a small one out of plastic that you had to inflate before using. Then we decided to buy us a real whirlpool that can be in use the whole year around. I did some internet research and then I found the website of SpaDealers. I was really impressed and immediately emailed the company to ask about the price and some other details for the ATS170PI05E TOPSPA XS INSULATED WHIRLPOOL.

At first I must say thanks to the quick answers and friendly consultation. When we decided to buy this hot tub the production time was about one and a half week and the delivery time was also the same. The whirlpool came ready assembled and we only had to connect the heading unit, pump and blower with the control unit and connect the tubes, but this was easy with the constructions. In my opinion there is only one thing that could be solved better, that a German instruction manual is enclosed. Maybe for us it was no problem, but when there are families with worse English skills the electrical installation is not so easy.

When we first headed this hot tub it was wonderful. It takes some hours to head the water to 38 degrees but nothing is better than to sit in this whirlpool after a long day. Nearly every evening our family is relaxing in it. We regret that we didn’t choose the LED lighting system, because this is the only thing that is missing.

We took the tub in acrylic white and it was the best decision we could make, because the tub is really easy to clean and the white glossy surface looks amazing.