During the holidays we came to the conclusion that we wanted a hot tub for the cottage to enjoy more sauna bathing!

I started searching online for information about different models and what characteristics they have.
SpaDealers pages came up and their versatile selection sparked my interest!

We went in person to look more closely at the assortment and eventually stuck to a product that had "all the extras" and was easy to use all year round and as simple as a hot tub could be!

We ordered the TOPSPA XS spa bath which works with electricity. The water in the hot tub is kept approximately 36 degrees hot with thermostatically controlled heating. It also has LED lighting, with color changing at regular intervals! The experience is completed by the beneficial bubble function, which can be started whenever you wish.

Since delivery time was only a week, we had to get started with the foundation immediately. We did the plot ourselves and mounted the hot tub on site. Then an electrician made the necessary electrical work and installed the timer.

Now we have bathed in the spa bath every weekend, at least a couple of days in a row - and we are enjoying it!

Sari, Punkalaidun, Finland

After the installation, the spa bath has been in use for more than half a year. Everything has worked perfectly and the water has kept warm even in hard cold. A wonderful way to relax after the work week.

Sari, Punkalaidun, Finland