One year ago we bought a wooden hot tub with a wood heater placed inside. Before every bath we had to heat up the water by the use of the wood heater and wait for the bath to be warm. We then looked on the Internet for a solution, which made it possible to spontaneously go in the water. We bumped into SpaDealers and became interested for the HT150PAK2 Polar AquaKing jets.

Thanks to the quick consultation and the prompt answers we decided rather fast on the purchase. The AquaKing was delivered ready assembled. We had to connect the pumps and heating unity with the control system ourselves, however, this was easy with the enclosed instructions.

After the connection of the electric power supply we could start running the AquaKing. Now we can jump in any time, also spontaneously, and enjoy a bath. To the relaxation one can switch on the bubbles or comfort the back with the jet massage nozzles.

The integrated LED lighting give a romantic feeling to the bath experience in the darkness. We enjoy particularly a bath if it is cold and snow falls, this is pure really every time rest!

The smooth surface simplifies the cleaning, all places are well accessible.

S. Morgenthaler