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In order to make water treatment even more effective and reduce the need for chemicals, our UV-C water cleaner is an excellent choice. Bacteria in the water passes over the special UV lamp and are eliminated by the UV radiation. This major advantage reduces the need for chemicals up to 70%.

Chlorine is a substance that some people are allergic to and symptoms can then be skin and eye irritation. With BactiSafe UV-C this risk is significantly reduced and the cost of chemicals is kept down. During the process no substances or other substances that are dangerous to the user are released.

The UV-C lamp's service life is approx. 9000 hours or about 2 years depending on how much the bath is used. The lamp output is 16 W.

Why use BactiSafe UV-C?    

  • Combats bacteria and their growth
  • Reduces use of chemicals by up to 70%
  • Does not cause skin or eye irritation
  • Forms no gases or equivalent
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Provides a cleaner, safer and fresher bath water
  • Completely harmless to the user

This is how BactiSafe UV-C works

The picture illustrates how the ultraviolet rays from the UV-C lamp affect bacteria and the like in the water that the circulation pump pushes through the "sterilization chamber". Most bacteria are eliminated effectively and this reduces the need for e.g. chemicals.

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