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The traditional round hot tub can also be equipped with TubCoat sides and base. The sides are then made in modules, either 6 or 8, depending on whether the diameter is 150 cm (HT 150) or 180 cm (HT 180). Joint sealer is added between each side stave and base plank before it is machined and plasticised. It keeps the module together and makes it easy to clean. The base is made in 3 parts and made in similar way. The inner diameter is either 150 cm (6 benches) or 180 cm (8 benches). The amount of water is then 1200 litres or 1800 litres.

HT180 Exclusive Electric is a hot tub specifically designed for outside use where the climate remains above 10 degrees (celsius) and never below zero. If you have not noted "winter usage", please find it here and read about filtration systems and use in colder climates. Regarding water hygiene you can read about it here and here in the manual for the AquaKing model.

As standard the Electric model comes equipped with a 3kW heater and that is not enough to keep the water warm if the ambient temperature is less than 10 degrees celsius. It is possible to add an extra heater. This is detailed in the information for filtration systems. If due to location it is feasible, both wood and electric heating can be combined.

Read more about the Exclusive here!

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