How to choose your wooden hot tub

We at SpaDealers might not offer the lowest prices compared with our competitors but we do understand the importance to deliver the best quality products within this industry. This high standard does not only include Spa Dealers products but can be experienced throughout our friendly and helpful customer service. From your first enquiry to the moment you sink to the therapeutic waters of your wooden hot tub, we're here to ensure that dream happens.

There are often many reasons why the prices vary so much within a similar product range, even if it seems there are a few similarities between the different brands of hot tubs. The number one reason is quality of product something we pride ourselves on and are always happy to discuss the quality differences of our products compared with our competitors. With "dodgy" manufacturers who offer their products cheaper than other competitors, it is quite likely that problems will occur with these in the future. One of the reasons we did this comparison was to highlight the differences. Please read this carefully so you will be able to get a better understanding of why our products are so unique and durable.

The majority of our customers have high expectations of getting quality products and being treated in a helpful and friendly manner. Our company motto is "Where Quality and Service meet" this is not just an empty phrase this is what we as a company are always striving to achieve.

Comparison between traditional hot tub (160 cm) and SpaDealers hot tub (150 cm).

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Traditional wooden hot tub:

SpaDealers wooden hot tub

spadealers wooden hot tub
A traditional hot tub commonly uses spruce in its construction along with an internal heater.
SpaDealers hot tubs are made of a unique heat treated pine, also know as 'ThermoWood'. During the production process the wood is super dried making it lighter than common wood this gives the wood a greater precision.

Common wood (i.e. spruce, pine, larch) will always leak when the wood dries and shrinks. These pictures above show the base, inside and a close up of the hot tub highlighting the gaps between the staves and the bottom planks when the wood is dry. These gaps mean the Hot Tub will always leak.
SpaDealers use heat treated wood for hot tubs and outdoor pools. In the production process virtually all the humidity is extracted from the wood ensuring the heat treated wood does not expand or shrink even during dry weather. This process, combined with the unique SpaDealers construction, guarantees little leakage, about 5-10 litres after assembling mainly through knots, and is one of the main reasons this material is so well suited for this product.

An internal heater requires a lot of space inside the tub and therefore these models are generally larger in size. The heater has to warm up more water which is time-consuming and less efficient and because of this it's not possible to use an insulated cover to stop the heat from the water being released.
The fact that the heater sits relatively deep in the Hot Tub, means you have to use large amounts of firewood to keep it burning, not only this but a lot of heat then disappears through the chimney and is not utilized in heating the water. Lighting a fire and empting the ashes from this kind of heater can be quite difficult not to mention the dirt from the firewood and ashes often ending up in the water. Tar deposits are also left on the walls of the hot tub, this discolouration of the tub is caused by the cold water around the heater warming up.

This not only makes the heater more inefficient but because the water is warming up around the heater, you will be expected to stir the water to achieve a constant temperature.
SpaDealers heaters are attached on the outside of the Hot Tub, they are very efficient due to their double enclosed construction. The wood burning chamber and chimney are constructed to ensure the maximum efficiency from the heater, this also offers more space inside the tub and is easier to maintain.

The connection pipes between the heater and the hot tub contribute to the economical water circulation of the tub giving only a slight temperature difference from wherever you sit.

SpaDealers also carry a huge range of extensions and upgrades for your Hot Tub to enhance your experience.

A hot tub made from common wood, will generally have one stave that has been widened or reduced to ensure a tight fit. Due to this, common hot tubs are generally sold ready assembled as they often require special tools and machines to build.
SpaDealers hot tubs are very simple to assemble, all the materials have been pre-fabricated and well prepared beforehand. This ensures it's easy for anyone to assemble their own hot tub without any prior knowledge or special tools. The construction kit is delivered in seven packages the heaviest weighing 30 kg this keeps delivery costs down and ensures easy handling wherever you wish to build your Hot Tub.

Spruce, pine and lark Hot tubs expand a lot when in contact with water requiring massive tensioning belts and large bolts making the overall appearance of the hot tub look disproportional. It is also necessary to readjust the tension of these belts as the wood dries otherwise they may become loose and even fall off.
The tensioning belts supplied by SpaDealers are 0,5x50 mm, this is sufficient enough as the heat treated wood will only expand and contract a little. There is no requirement to readjust the tensioning belts after fitting.

Resin is unavoidable if the hot tub has been made of common wood. It's annoying and difficult to remove from clothes, etc.
Heat treated wood is an environmentally friendly material which does not contain any resin. During the production process the resin is removed by high temperatures and steam and no chemicals or additives are being used.

After this maybe you wish to take a look at our pre-packaged kits or maybe assemble your own hot tub setup?