High quality material and craftsmanship

SpaDealers sauna barrels and hot tubs are all made of durable, heat-treated pine under the market name Thermowood. It is a material that allows permanent contact with water, weather and wind, and in addition to the outstanding sustainability characteristics Even until the appearance resembles exotic tree species.

Thermowood - heat treated pine from Lunawood

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly natural materials
  • Sap free
  • Very dimensionally stable
  • Beautiful color and surface, the wood completely colored throughout
  • Root and weather resistant - for all climates
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Reduced moisture and molding risk
  • Minimal care require, oil treatment once a year

The heat-treated pine, ThermoWood, has been produced by Finnish LunaWood Ltd. since 2000. LunaWood has been a pioneer and now also market leader. With its annual production capacity of 105 000 m3 LunaWood is the world's leading manufacturer of ThermoWood and the company's reputation as a leading producer is based on innovative thinking, reliability and cooperation.

The treasures of the Nordic forest

That Lunawood and Finland are therefore pioneers in the area is no coincidence. Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and extensive forests, and the harsh nordic climate has for centuries produced slowly growing, densely grained wood. Finnish forests provide a source for sustainable development and a better life - people feel better near nature and real wood gives buildings a pleasant feeling.

It is the love of the forest that made Lunawood the experts in the industry and only the highest quality raw material is used to manufacture Thermowood. During the process, the natural properties of the wood are improved. The Nordic forest is transformed into the best possible building materials.

Heat and steam - no chemicals

Lunawood uses mainly PEFC-certified Nordic pine and spruce, which are sorted according to strict quality requirements. Pine only uses heart wood with healthy twigs from the top of the tree, SpaDealers saunas use only pine. The patented production process is based on gradual heat treatment of the wood, where its chemical and physical properties change permanently. The temperature in the heat treatment chamber is gradually increased to 212 ° C and the entire process takes up to 110 hours or five days. After treatment, the moisture content in the wood has been reduced to 4-7%, which significantly improves the material's size and shape stability. In the treatment, only water vapor and heat are used - no chemicals. The result is a reddish in tone, weather-resistant, non-toxic and non-combustible wood suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Durable, beautiful and stable

In this way, the wood is "aged" to correspond to that seen in centuries-old trees, and in the classification of different species of wood and their durability Thermowood is in grade two, together with cedar and oak. The life of the wood is extended, it becomes more durable and more beautiful. It has a velvety surface, comfortable to touch and that grows beautifully. The Nordic forests are a veritable treasure chamber for designers with passion and creativity, which both Thermowood and SpaDealer's products are a concrete proof of.