HT150 / 180 PRESTIGE

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HT150 / 180 Prestige is an outdoor Hot Tub which is made of heat treated Finnish pine. The sides are made in modules, either 6 or 8, depending on whether the diameter is 150 cm (HT 150) or 180 cm (HT 180) and it provides a durable elastic surface that is easy to keep clean. Joint sealer is added between each side stave and base plank before it is machined and coated. It keeps the module together and makes it easy to clean. The base is made in 3 parts and made in similar way. The benches are integrated in the base and on the side walls, making for an easy assembly. No water beneath the benches. Less water to warm up.

Diameter 150 cm, water volume 1100 litres, alternatively diameter 180 cm, water volume 1600 litres. Price does not include assembly. Quick and easy assembly, that nonetheless require careful attention to detail and that the accompanying directions are followed. All parts are fully prepared.

The standard kit includes, in addition to the things mentioned earlier, benches, an edge, heating with connections depending on chosen method of heating.

A draining tap is connected to the lower circulation pipe that is located under the base. If the drainage needs to be taken further away, it is possible to extend it with a 32 mm hose. The lid, stairs, bubble and filtration system, and underwater lighting are also optional extras.

HT150 Prestige Wood
HT180 Prestige Wood

  1. The benches are integrated in the base and on the sidewalls, making for an easy assembly.
  2. No water beneath the benches.
  3. Less water to heat up.
  4. Protective elastic transparent coating on the inside.
  5. Easy cleaning.

HT150 Prestige Electric
HT180 Prestige Electric

HT150/180 Prestige is also available as a "package" including filtration/electric heating, special stairs and bubble system. An exterior wood burning heater can also be connected.

Lid and stairs in heat treated wood, filtration system with heater, bubble system and underwater lightning are available as accessories.

Coated interior surface