By using heat treated wood, it is possible to develop a product which ensures easy assembly Unlike product assembly at the factory which requires large resources in the form of man-hours and storage space and lengthy delivery times, our products are ready-to-go and can be delivered within a week. Freight costs for our kits are also cheaper than for a ready-assembled product as delivered by the competition. Our easy-to-assemble products enables you to assemble the product even in terrain which is difficult to access. For example, the Hot Tub is delivered in 7 boxes (the heaviest being only 28 kg), space is not a problem either.


A hot tub made of special quality heat treated wood (used by SpaDealers) is not sensitive to dry weather. This is because the material is already so dry during assembly that it won't shrink any more. However, it can still expand a little and tighten any small leakages that may occur during the first time of use. Therefore no water needs to be kept in the hot tub in order to prevent leakages. As a result, maintenance is much easier and water hygiene is better. The weight of heat treated wood is also much less. There is no resin left and the insulation effect is 30% better.

The picture below on the left shows cracks that occur when normal spruce dries. It is quite easy to imagine what happens then when it is filled with water. The picture below on the right shows heat treated wood that has the same dense structure all the time. Heat treated pine is a "dead" material and therefore not sensitive to dryness. Our hot tubs simply don't leak, not even during dry weather. We recommend not keeping water in the hot tub just to keep it tight, because this could cause a serious growth of bacteria.

Ecologically right!

Only steam and high temperatures are used during the drying process, which ensures a natural material without any environmentally dangerous chemicals. The colour is brown all the way through the wood. Although the initial disadvantage is a higher price, this price is really very reasonable after all the benefits are taken into consideration.

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