This document details the process that creates the material that SpaDealers uses for its products.

The heat treatment process is made up of several phases and is divided into six different sections in which the treatment occurs very slowly. The total treatment time lasts up to 100 hours. In every section a different treatment is done, each individually monitored and controlled and done in parallel with the other sections, transition between sections is done seamlessly and without interruption. It is in the fourth section tha the actual heat treatment occurs, the sections prior prepare the material and the sections that come after are important to stabilise the material afterwards. With this system it is possible to treat large amounts without the material having to undergo "stress" and start to crack.


Enviromentially friendly

The material is kind to the enviroment and has no detrimental effect on nature. During the process only steam and heat are used, no toxic chemicals of any kind are used.

Properties of heat treated pine in comparison to ordinary wood