See detailed component list for the filtration system here

The filtration pipe system must be connected differently, depending on whether a heater is connected to your Hot Tub or not. These pictures illustrate the differences.

Filtration with heater

Filtration without heater

For wood burning or propane heaters the connection is made according to the left image. Without a heater, the connection is made according to the right image.

Note! An extra pipe must be added on the pressure side of the filtration system if a heater is connected to the Hot Tub.

*WARNING! When filtration is used, water and cold is not a good combination. As long as the circulation is switched on the risk of freezing is reduced but even a short power cut could cause serious freezing and possible damage to the equipment. We therefore recommend to insulate effectively in order to avoid such problems.

Please take a look at our Polar models which show exactly how the insulation should be done properly. The system should not be connected to the power source when there is risk of freezing. Please do keep in mind that all connection pipes and taps need to be protected from the cold as well.

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