Basic hot tub

SpaDealers manufactures, amongst other things, Hot Tubs in the traditional round design. The standard Basic model is a user-friendly Hot Tub that can be 'upgraded' with various accessories.

HT150 / HT180 Basic hot tubs

The Hot Tub is made of heat-treated pine (LunaWood), and has six or eight removable benches.

The HT150 hot tub has an outer diameter of 1530 mm and a height of 1000 mm, volume 1200 liters. The following parts are included: 56 staves (2 extra), base in 3 parts, 2 stainless steel hoops, 6 benches (removable), stainless steel screws and assembly equipment.

The HT180 hot tub has an outer diameter of 1800 mm and a height of 1000 mm, volume 1800 liters. The following parts are included: 66 staves (2 extra), base in 3 parts, 2 stainless steel hoops, 8 benches (removable), stainless steel screws and assembly equipment.

The Hot Tub can easily be filled using a garden hose, for example. The water can be emptied using the drainage system at the base of the Tub, see below. The Hot Tub is delivered mainly in kit form, external heaters are usually included in packages, but are also sold separately. Note! For the base model HT150 no heater or connection pipes are included.

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HT180 Basic          
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- a solution that's as simple as it is clever!

Removable benches
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Easy assembly

In the past, it was difficult to keep the Hot Tub clean under the benches because the benches were not removable. That is why we designed the removable bench. Another advantage our design offers is that it has now become much easier and quicker to clean under the benches and reassemble the seating arrangements in your Hot Tub. The whole procedure now takes about 30 minutes. Each of the benches consists of 2 fitted "legs" and a seat. The benches are held in place by stainless steel clips. This construction is patented.

Also available in diameter 180 cm, 8 benches, water volume 1800 litres.


The assembly instructions are of a high quality. The animated instructions on the DVD gives a very detailed, easy to understand summary of the assembly process.

Assembly (paper version)
Animated assembly

Cleaning the hot tub

After using the water in a hot tub it is drained out. SpaDealers hot tubs have a drainage system in the lower pipe, where also the water from the gas-burning heater is drained. The hot tub is then rinsed with clean fresh water. If the water has been in the hot tub for a long time, the hot tub must be scrubbed with pine soap for example. Remember also to clean under the benches. If you have a wood-burning heater from SpaDealers, it must always be drained by opening the black drainage plug. The gas-burning heater is self-draining and the water is drained through the lower pipe.

Water hyigiene is important!


If there is a risk of freezing, the heater must be emptied of water after use. Self-circulation stops when the heater is turned off and the small amount of water remaining inside the heater can easily freeze and damage the heat exchanger if undrained. If water is to be left in the tub, make sure that the heating pipes can still be closed and emptied so that the heater itself can be drained. Depending on how it has been arranged it still can be necessary to insulate the valves and the connection pipes.

Shut off plug

Quick and easy assembly. All parts are fully prepared. The only extras needed are a rubber mallet, screwdriver, spanner or similar.

Click here to see a video of how the assembly is done


Basic with edge DTH150 / DTH180

Standard steps DT150 / DT180

Special steps DT150S / DT180S

2-piece cover made of heat treated wood DTL150 / DTL180

Vinyl cover DTLV150

Cover in water resistant material DTLF150 / DTLF180


Vilpra Wood!