BactiSafe Compact UVC

Free from bacteria with UV-C

In order to make the water treatment more effective and to reduce the need for chemicals, our UV-C water cleaner is an excellent choice. It is connected after the filter and consists of a pipe, where a certain amount of water passes through in a certain time. Inside the pipe, there is a light source giving electro-magnetic radiation (UV-radiation), which have a shorter wave length than visible light. The wave lengths are divided into three different scales; UV-A long (320-400 nm), UV-B medium (280-320 nm), UV-C short (100-320 nm). At 253.7 nanometre (UV-C ) the light goes through the cell membranes of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, then changing their DNA or RNA if it is a virus. This process inactivates the cells so they cannot reproduce any more, and such a cell is practically eliminated. This method has been used within the water and food industry for a long time, because it is fast, effective and economical.

When most bacteria in the water passing the lamp are eliminated through the UV radiation, one great advantage is that the need for chemicals can be reduced by up to 70%. Chlorine is a chemical, which some people can be allergic to, and the symptoms can be skin and eye irritation. Using BactiSafe UV-C reduces this risk considerably, and the costs for chemicals can be kept low. No substances or other matters that can be dangerous for the user are emitted during this process.

The life span of the UV-C lamp is 6000 hours or 1-2 years, depending on how often the hot tub is in used.

Why use BactiSafe UV-C

  • Eliminates bacteria and their growth
  • Reduces the need for chemicals up to 70%
  • Does not cause skin or eye irritation
  • Does not form gases or similar
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Provides a cleaner, safer and fresher bathing water
  • Totally safe for the user

Five easy steps for maintaining good water hygiene if you have got a filtration system.

  1. Take a shower before you get into the hot tub
  2. Add some bactericidal solution before and after taking a bath.
  3. Control the ph-value and balance it if necessary.
  4. Oxygenate your water on a weekly basis.
  5. Clean the filter cartridge frequently and let the filtration system run sufficiently.

How BactiSafe Works

The picture illustrates how the ultraviolet radiation from the UV-lamp affects bacteria and micro organisms in the water that the circulation pump presses through the "sterilisation chamber". Most bacteria are effectively eliminated and that reduces the need for use of chemicals, for example.

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