1942000I / 1944000I - AquaClarus 2000 / 4000 Filtration system

A common question is how many times you can swim in the water in your hot tub. Our response is usually that the same water should not be used multiple times unless there is treatment. It is possible to get rid of bacteria with chemicals such as chlorine, but that does not make the water clean and after that the bath water is used it usually looks quite uninviting. Cloudy and greyish. To remove such pollution, filtering is required. For traditional filtering required connections in a hot tub for incoming and outgoing water. At freezing, is there the risk of freeze damage if not protected with insulation.

Now there is an easy way to keep the water clean in the hot tub. AquaClarus is a filtration system that hung over the tub edge. Fits all hot tubs on the market. Depending on the quality of the water it should run between ½ -2 hours. Impurities trapped in the filter can be easily removed and cleaned. There are also exchange filter. The filter system is suitable for hot tubs and small pools up to 10m ³.

NOTE! We also recommend that germicidal agents used in all bathers in the hot tub or pool. It is also important that the pH value of the proper level, or between 7.2-7.6

Function of the filter: The filter is adjustable vertically. The water is suctioned from the surface, at a rate of up to 4000 l/hour, and is then passed through a "pre-filter" that catches larger particles. The water then passes through a removable filter that can be cleaned after use. At the bottom of the filter the purified water is pushed out and creates a circulation in the water so that impurities from the bottom are also lifted up to the surface and passed through the filter.

Because of that, the filtration system also works well as a "water stirrer" for hot tubs with heaters that lack a circulation system, such as interior heaters. Connection is made via a cable to a regular 230V wall socket. Between pump and socket is a 12 V transformer to the pump that is rated at 70W.

Note! The pump in AquaClarus 2000 gives 50% lower flow (2000l/hour) in comparison with AquaClarus 4000 where the amount of water that passes through the filter is 4000l/hour. Aqua Clarus 4000 is a little more expensive but filters significantly more water.

Filter cartridge that is used in the AquaClarus Filtration System

Innder diameter 55mm, outer 130mm and height 200mm. The filter which has a surface area of 1,2m² effectively takes care of impurities in the water supplied by the pump. It needs to be rinsed now and then depending on usage.

Spare parts

1944000I3KW - AquaClarus + 3kW electric heater

AquaClarus can also be combined with a 3 kW thermostatically-controlled electrical heater, connection and hole for water circulation. It is a simple but well-working solution that can be used for filtration and combined with electrical heating during all the seasons. The heater also has an insulated module that is fastened on the side of the Hot Tub.

Here you can see AquaClarus in use

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Our AquaClarus has been in use since july 2010 and has worked very well. We use our hot tub almost every weekend, fridays and saturdays, especially during the summer. In wintertime it does not get used as frequently, sadly. I have started the filtration system after every time we have used the hot tub, usually the morning after for 2 hours.

After we've bathed I have added two oxygen tablets in the tub and the following morning I have completed with the filtration. Between the weekends chlorine tablets are added during the end towards the end of the filtration cycle, that way the water is kept clean and free from bacteria. The same water has been used for up to 4 weeks and in that time we've used the hot tub about 8 times. AquaClarus very effectively removes all debris from the water, including dead skin cells, hair, etc. This spring we have also had a lot of pollens in the water, but the filtration removes even that, which is exceptionally good.

The filter cartridges are washed after every use with running water, and in that stage I realized just how much the water gets polluted, even if you shower before every bath, but AquaClarus cleans the water brilliantly. The usage of AquaClarus is really easy and simple to understand, even in the winter and you don't have to be afraid that it will freeze over. The filter cartridge I have occasionally "deep-cleaned" by putting in a chlorine solution for a time and then flush it clean with water.

Jari Alastalo, Lahti