Which hot tub should you buy? Frequently Asked Questions about hot tubs and answers to them

There is a large selection of hot tubs and outdoor spas on the market today. Everything from simple and affordable wooden hot tubs to luxurious whirlpools with massage function, with prices ranging from 1000 euros to over 20,000 euros. Before making your choice, there are certain things to consider in order to be able to use the investment to the maximum.
We at SpaDealers have listed straight answers to the most common questions that occur when choosing a hot tub or outdoor spa. The most important thing is that you think about exactly your/your needs before the purchase.
  1. Get a hot tub based on your own needs
  2. Heating with wood, gas or firewood?
  3. What is the size of the hot tub?
  4. Material selection? A wooden or plastic hot tub?
  5. Do you plan to use your hot tub often and during the winter?
  6. How does your wood stove work?
  7. Does it matter which type of wood is used? - USE DRY WOOD!
  8. How long does it take to heat a hot tub?
  9. How big is the wood consumption and what does it cost to heat a hot tub?
  10. Can you fire and use a wood stove during the winter and cold weather? - WINTER USE!
  11. Can seawater be used in the hot tub?
  12. How fast does the water in the hot tub cool down after bathing?
  13. Can you swim in the same water several times? Do you need a treatment plant for a hot tub?
  14. How to clean the hot tub?
  15. How to place and maintain a hot tub?
  16. What accessories are available for your hot tubs?
  17. How do you deliver your hot tubs?
  18. What are the dimensions of your plastic hot tubs?
  19. Is there a warranty on your products?
  20. Why choose a SpaDealers product?

Get a hot tub based on your own needs

Think about how many people will use the hot tub and how often. If it is used less often, no more than 1-2 times a week, a model with a wood stove is a good and economical alternative. A convenient alternative is then also a gas stove.

Heating with wood, gas or electricity?

As a heating method, SpaDealers offers firewood, LPG and electricity. Wood and electricity can be combined as well as LPG and electricity.
  • LPG is convenient and fast. Electricity is also convenient but is mainly recommended as maintenance heating and heating method for insulated models with filtration. Both can be recommended in densely populated areas.
  • A wood-fired hot tub is an environmentally friendly choice. Restrictions on wood burning can, however, occur in some places and in some residential areas.

Examples of hot tubs with wood gas and electric heating


FINNTub, Hot tub in plastic with external wood stove (25 KW )

Gas heating

Our gas-fired hot tub, City-Baljan is suitable for placement in densely populated areas.

Electric heating & filtration

TopSpa XS: Insulated plastic outdoor spa with electric heating, bubble system and filtration.

What is the size of the hot tub?

In most cases, a size around 150-170 centimeters is sufficient for an ordinary family. With an external stove, the hot tub can accommodate 4-6 people. If the bath is larger, and thus also the amount of water, the time required for heating is longer, which is good to take into account before making a purchase decision.

Do you plan to use your hot tub often and during the winter?

  • Do you want to use your hot tub in the winter? Then consider an insulated hot tub with filtration and electric heating. More expensive but something you probably will not regret if you value convenience and a bath that is always ready for use. Our models are also available with combined electric/stove heating .

  • Material selection? A wooden or plastic hot tub?

    There are different types of materials to choose from and SpaDealers is the only manufacturer of wood and several plastic material to choose from. What to choose depends a lot on what you yourself"stick to" and how the hot tub should be used.

    If it is only sporadic use and water is emptied after each bath, it works just as well with a wooden barrel as one made of plastic. Also remember that it is not the material itself that causes impurities in the water but how it is managed.

    A wooden barrel is the most environmentally friendly choice and also what a traditional hot tub is associated with. As wood material, SpaDealers uses heat-treated pine. The great advantage of this material is that it does not move, crack and cause leakage in contrast to ordinary spruce and larch as an example. Read more here about our comparison between a hot tub in spruce and in heat-treated pine.

    SpaDealers uses polyethylene and acrylic as plastic materials

    • Polyethyl is a durable plastic that is used for everything from plastic bags to large plastic containers. Also suitable as a material in hot tubs. It is available in solid color or"marbled".
    • Acrylic is the material that most whirlpool manufacturers also use. The acrylic surface itself is reinforced from the back with fiberglass. It is available in several different colors, ranging from monochrome to multicolor. Acrylic is rugged and the surface is easy to keep clean. While it is most"luxurious", it is also the most expensive.
    In general, it can be said of all plastics that it is the thickness of the material and the design itself that determines the stability. Thinner materials provide savings on manufacturing costs but is negative for the durability of the product.

    How does your wood stove work?

    Our wood stoves are fired with wood and connected to a hot tub on the outside. It is double-jacketed so the temperature outside the stove is never higher than that of the water temperature is inside the stove. However, it will be hot around the chimney and the door for wood supply. The stove has a chimney pipe and a top for removing sparks. Needs can vary depending on the place of heating. The water is self-circulating through the"thermosiphon principle" (hot water rises upwards and creates a negative pressure that sucks water from below). It eliminates the need for a circulation pump or electricity and makes it possible to heat the water in a hot tub with a stove placed on the outside. A big advantage compared to the internal stove is that it gives more space in the bath, which in turn means that a smaller hot tub can be chosen. Other advantages to the internal stove is that it is easier to fire in and clean. It also does not leave ash and debris after firewood in the water, which is common with an internal stove.

    Does it matter which type of wood is used? - USE DRY WOOD!

    Our wood stoves are optimized to provide a good energy exchange when dry wood (moisture content below 15%) is used as fuel. It should also provide little wood consumption. Wood that contains a lot of moisture causes poor draft and combustion. Even a single heating with such wood can provide a coating on the inner surface that prolongs the heating time. If the surface is not cleaned, the occupancy will increase thereby further degrading the power and easily extending the heating time by twice and even longer. The pictures show what it can start to look like:

    Examples of different types of wood are the following

    • Dry and finely split birch wood always works and is the best according to tests we have done.
    • Pine and spruce also do well but have a lower calorific value at the same time as it gives rise to more smoke and sparks up through the stove pipe.
    • Alved easily gives rise to coatings on the inside of the stove and especially if it is not really dry, use it only in exceptional cases.
    • Note that all wood that is not dry gives rise to impure combustion as thick smoke and as mentioned coatings that prolong the heating time.

    How long does it take to heat a hot tub?

    • How long it takes to heat the water in a hot tub depends on the start and stop temperature, amount of water, the actual effect of the heat source and how/with what to fire.
    • As a general rule, heating 1000 liters of water from 5-37 ° C requires about 40 kWh of energy (without heat loss). For a heat source that gives 20 kW real power, two hours are needed. Consequently, double the time for 2000 liters and about 2½ hours (1.2 x 2) for 1200 liters are needed.
    • An example: with LPG (nominal power 24 kW) as heat source, it heats about 15 degrees per hour per thousand liters.

    Read more about warm-up tests we've done

    How much does it cost to heat a hot tub?

    • To heat 1200 liters, approx. 60 liters of wood. Depending on the season and outdoor temperature, it can vary a lot but if you have an insulated hot tub from SpaDealers, it does not significantly affect heating time and wood consumption. Many people who use their own wood consider it free while others have a different opinion. We leave"pricing" our own wood to everyone, but to heat up 1000 liters water, a consumption of 20 kilograms of birch wood is expected.
    • The price for LPG can vary a lot but is around 2 €/kg in the summer. The LPG consumption for our LPG stove of 24 kW is 1.6 kg of LPG per hour. Since the time to heat 1200 liters from 5-37 ° C is 2½ hours, the consumption will be about 4 kg and the cost 8
    • Heating with electricity costs about 6 € and with maintenance heating and filtration for our insulated outdoor spa, the cost will be about 50 cents per day.

    Can you fire and use a wood stove during the winter and cold weather? - WINTER USE!

    Yes, you can, but it's important to plan and think about what you do. If there is a risk of freezing, the heater must be emptied of water after use. The self-circulation stops when the wood burns out and the water in the stove can easily freeze and cause it to break. To keep the water in the barrel (for a shorter time) there is a rubber stopper with associated attachment and straps to hang over the edge of the barrel. See pictures below. If electricity is available, a freezer guard can also be installed inside the stove fire compartment to avoid frostbite when not in use. The lower and upper connecting pipes must then also be insulated or closed from the inside.

    Can seawater be used in the hot tub?

    • Stoves made of marine aluminum or stainless/acid-resistant steel can also handle saline water so seawater is not a problem.
    • The material in the barrel, wood or plastic itself can also withstand seawater.
    • Please note that unlike some other suppliers, we always recommend that some type of bactericide be used. This regardless of whether it is fresh water or sea water. In many cases where bacteria are present, it may have originated from someone who is bathing. You can read more about WATER HYGIENE here

    How fast does the water in the hot tub cool down after bathing?

    Here there is a big difference between the outdoor temperature and whether the barrel is insulated (and how it is insulated) or completely uninsulated. We have done comparison tests with our plastic barrel FINNTub (uninsulated) and the City tub Arctic, which is fully sealed. Of course, an important thing is also that lids (preferably lockable) should always be used when water leaves in the barrel. This with regard to safety, cleanliness and how well the temperature stays.

    Can you swim several times in the same water? Do you need a treatment plant for a hot tub?

    If filtration in combination with chemicals is not used, it is recommended to change water frequently. Preferably drain the water after each bath and rinse with clean water.
    • Filtration cleans the water, removes visible debris and particles, but does not protect against bacteria.
    • We recommend that chemicals are always used, even if the barrel has filtration. There are many different bactericides to choose from among. Active oxygen is popular, as is chlorine.
    • For filtration to work, the components must be properly adapted and constructed has both bottom and surface water purifiers.
    • Also keep in mind that traditional filtration systems are sensitive to cold if they are not part of an insulated system. Note: This does not apply to AquaClarus without external connections!
    • Our range includes various filtration systems, also for winter use, which can be found under the tab" Filtrering ".
    • A cheap treatment plant that is also easy to use and that works very well is AquaClarus, which we strongly recommend.

    Standard Filtering System

    AquaClarus Purifier for hot tub


    How to clean the hot tub?

    If treatment plants are not used, the water is drained after each use. The hot tub can then be rinsed out with clean fresh water. If the water has been standing for a long time, it should also be cleaned with e.g. pine soap. Also remember to clean under benches and as a last resort, the stove is also rinsed out. SpaDealer's hot tubs can be emptied of water via a drain valve and/or the stove's drain hole.

    What accessories are available for your hot tubs?

    SpaDealers has a large range of accessories. Among the most popular are LED lighting that provides a wonderful glow, especially during the dark season when the hot tub is used the most. The range also includes bubble systems, treatment plants, etc. You can find our range here

    How do you deliver your hot tubs?

    A wooden hot tub is mainly sold as a kit and is delivered on a EUR pallet. It provides cheaper shipping and the opportunity to install the hot tub also in hard-to-reach places. The The wooden material we have chosen has made it possible to develop a unique construction that makes installation simple and even fun. You can watch the video here on how to assemble .

    If the hot tub is made of plastic, it will be ready mounted on a special transport pallet with the stove packed inside the tub. Has also ordered lighting and/or bubble system so it is also mounted. Accessories that do not belong to the assembly are located either inside or on top of the barrel.

    What are the dimensions of your plastic hot tubs?

    The height of the seat itself is 35 cm and the total height from the bottom up to the top is 100 cm. The inner diameter at the top is 166 cm and at the bottom at a seat height of 154 cm. The inclination is 5 ° which provides a comfortable sitting position. The hot tub can accommodate 6 people well.

    Click on the image for a larger version

    Is there a warranty on your products?

    Of course there is a guarantee. Our general warranty period is 2 years and our purchase and warranty terms can be found here.

    Why choose a SpaDealers product?

    • Because we have full control over the products we market. SpaDealers has over ten years of experience in its own design, product development, manufacturing and testing of our products. We are constantly developing our concepts, adapting to the market and have a wide range according to customer preferences.
    • Heat-treated pine, the material that does not move, cracks and causes leakage in contrast to ordinary spruce and larch as an example.
    • Our slogan"Where Quality and Service Meet" describes our ambitions.