Our spas are fully insulated which means the seats are insulated on the back, also the walls and bottom of the spa is insulated. In addition, a thick insulated hinged lid with clasps and locking system is also included, and of course effective water filtration systems that keep the water clean. LED lighting provides a relaxing and luxurious feel.

Unique for spas of this type is that all the seats, nozzles, pipes, pumps and connections are emptied through the same point. It is also possible to blow out nozzles and connections with the air pump normally used in the bubble system. These functions are very useful should the spa be drained of water for a longer duration of time. RISK OF FROST DAMAGE ELIMINATED!

An "aroma diffuser" that distributes fragrant aromas in the water are also available as standard. Our brand "SpaDealers" located at the base, obliges us to you. And to reach our goal of satisfied customers, there are no shortcuts to offer top quality at competitive price.

In addition to our own models, we also have a traditional spa (Medio) with the same insulation technology, pumps, control systems, etc.

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