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Wood fired hot tubs from SpaDealers!

Relax and soften up in lovely warm water in a wooden hot tub from SpaDealers. See and feel the nature around you. A great feeling.

SpaDealers in Korsnäs, Finland, is a family-owned business that specializes in the development and manufacture of hot tub and sauna products. The product range includes a basic hot tub model, various hot tub packages, saunas and sauna tubs, spas, outdoor spas, whirlpool and jacuzzi. hos oss.


  • tel: +358 (0) 10 239 5600
  • info@spadealers.fi

Badtunna med vedkamin, trappa och lock

Quality is the hallmark of SpaDealers hot tubs and sauna tubs!

SpaDealers is proud to offer the largest assortment of wooden hot tubs made out of genuine Finnish heat-treated pine. Our slogan "Where Quality and Service Meet" says a lot about our ambitions; we aim high, which is is only natural for a company that wants to be the best in their industry. SpaDealers in Korsnäs, Finland, is a family owned business that specializes in the development and manufacture of swimming and sauna products. For construction material we primarily use heat treated pine. This makes our hot tubs leakage-free and an enjoyable, natural aroma of tar enriches the sauna and bathing experience, thanks to the basic material used. The heat treatment takes place with heat and steam. It is an eco-friendly material without chemicals or other additives. You can read more here. Our tubs can also be had with a coated inner surface and acrylic fiberglass!

The largest accessory selection on the market. Filtration, bubble, massage, pumps, coupling, fitting, vents, lighting, control units, heating, etc. we normally keep in stock.