A Hot Tub can be placed anywhere outdoors, even in densely populated areas. The foundation on which the Tub stands must be stable, and can be built using either a wooden frame, concrete base or a compacted gravel bed. The Hot Tub cannot be placed directly on grass.

Stone or cement base

Wooden frame

Gravel foundation


Many people prefer to integrate their hot tub into the terrass.

Plan in advance, it should be comfortable to step down into the bath, and also to get out again. The edge of the tub ought to be placed around 30-40 centimeters above the floor of the terrass. If the edge of the tub is flush with the floor of the terrass then it might feel like stepping into a well and a rail for support is reccomended. Consider ways of emptying the tub when integrating it into a terrass or similar.

ATTENTION! If the hot tub will be countersunk e.g. in a terrace it is necessary that the access is not obstructed in any way order to be able to service it. Service hatches should be removable without a problem (example: AquaKing, AquaStar).

Hot tub sunk into terrass. In this tub it is comfortable getting in and then out again. The heater with connection pipes is placed on the outside of the terrass.

Insulated hot tub with stairs integrated into the terrass.

It will also work to place the hot tub above the terrass thanks to the integrated stairs.

Integrating your hot tub into the terrace has become very popular. Read the category above which is called "many would like to integrate their hot tub into the terrace". Observe that it needs to be insulated from the bottom side as well. Please take a look at the pictures and our suggestion to give you an idea how to do the insulation.

Placing the insulated base in a way that side- and bottominsulation, which is made of hard styrofoam, meet so they are on top of each other and like that it is well protected against the cold. You can read more about it in our assembling instructions.As you can see on the picture the drainage has been done that it goes directly to the drainage outside the house.Pumps and pipes are protected within the insulated box.

It would be also possible to place the filtrationnsystem in another room, eg. in the cellar.